White Plains Business Improvement District

White Plains hosting Art in Vacant Places

The Journal News, Richard Liebson, January 5, 2017

A group of SUNY Purchase design students have turned downtown eyesores into eye candy, creating artistic displays in empty East Post Road storefronts that capture the spirit city of residents through the use of poetry.

"Art in Vacant Spaces," a collaboration with the White Plains Business Improvement District, gives students practical experience and the opportunity to have their work seen by a large audience. Now in it's second year, the semester-long projects bring vacant store fronts to life, creating a more inviting downtown atmosphere.

"It was unlike any other project I've done at SUNY Purchase," said Daniellie Fotie, a graphic design major. "We had a real client, a real budget, and a result that was tangible in the real world."

This year's works fill 50 large windows and doorways on property that extends down East Post Road for about 50 yards, ending at the corner of South Broadway. The displays all use works by poet Judith Sloan that were written based on her interviews with White Plains residents.

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