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173 East Post Road, White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 761-2100


Maria Hair Therapy

Maria Shkreli is the owner owner of Maria Hair Therapy, formerly Aria Hair & Beauty, a hair salon located at 173 East Post Road that focuses on natural haircare and wellness. After 35 years of experience doing hair and 27 years of salon ownership experience, Maria has started a product line, Maria Hair Therapy.


Maria has owned salons in Riverdale, Dobs Ferry, and Manhattan, but has settled in White Plains as its central in Westchester county. After opening her salon, she moved to downtown White Plains to get a feel for the area and her clients.

Maria’s goal is to teach people how to properly take care of their hair, and has even taught haircare classes in her salon. Clients could bring their own products and she’d tell them what they need and what they don’t need. Some clients like to attend as a family so their children can learn as well. For Maria, haircare is not just about beauty, it’s also about health and wellness. She is a Hair Therapist that helps with her clients’ hair and scalp health. When you enter her salon, she will give you a chakra reading and prescribe you energy medicine in the form of essential oils and incense.


Like many business owners, Maria needed to adjust her business practices during quarantine. She is close to her clients and wanted to make sure they were taken care of. Salons were forced to temporarily close, and teaching clients how to take care of their hair became more important than ever. During the shutdown, she offered color kits with professional supplies and would show customers how to use them through video tutorials and virtual appointments. Even during quarantine, clients would want to look their best and she wanted to be there for them. Keeping up with haircare helps them look good, feel good, and be more productive and confident.


Cleanliness has always been important to Maria when running her salon, and since reopening they have been doing a deeper cleaning. Customers make appointments ahead of time and must take their temperature when entering the salon. This, plus cleaning and sanitizing the salon between client visits, makes sure that everyone that enters the salon feels safe.


The quarantine has given Maria time to focus on her product line, Maria Hair Therapy. After testing 95 products, she chose five products needed for healthy hair. The five-step system includes brushing, shampooing, conditioning, hydrating, and split end care. The system works for all genders and races, and comes in two versions: one for straight to wavy hair and one for curly to frizzy hair. At the moment, it is exclusively available to clients, and will be available to the public in May 2021. To purchase a kit, call (914) 761-2100.